Boost Energy 

boost energy naturally

1. Eggs

One egg has just 70 calories, and yet has 6 grams of protein. That provides fuel that gets released slowly. It also has more nutrients per calorie than most other foods. That helps satisfy hunger.

2. Beef Liver

Without enough vitamin B12, your energy can lag. This is one of the best sources. It also has loads of protein to keep you fueled for a long time. If you just can’t do liver, you can get your B12 from meat, poultry and fish.

3. Oyster

Oysters are packed with essential nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. They’re particularly high in vitamin B12, zinc, and copper.

4. Beans

They’re a great source of protein, especially if you’re vegetarian or vegan. Beans also have plenty of fiber to help slow digestion. They’re rich in magnesium, too. That helps your cells make energy.

5. Dark chocolate

A 2013 study even concluded that those one square of dark chocolate during the afternoon slump should be sufficient for improving blood flow to the brain, performing better on memory tests. But just like with any treat, be mindful

of the calorie count and always aim for the highest quality.

6. Oatmeal

it’s important to start your day with the right food so you can stay focused and avoid hunger easily. Experts recommend eating oatmeal, which is low in calories and will help you feel fuller longer.

7. Water

Sometimes all you really need is a glass of refreshing water to start your day, especially if you had a tough night. Dehydration can cause fatigue.

So before you do anything, drink one quarter liter of water. Squeeze some fresh lemon in it for a little extra bonus.

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