7 Steps To Build Your Self Control

7 Steps To Build Your Self Control

1. Know Your Self

Know yourself so you can manage your emotions and impulses.

For example, are you in the habit of reacting hastily to issues? Once you get started, do you find it hard to stop talking? Dig deep and find the answer as to why you want to change.

2. Set “if-then” plans

Making if-then plans that connect a certain triggering situation with a concrete behavior. For example, “If I order something for dinner, then I will choose a vegetarian meal” or “If people mistreat me, then I will take a deep breath and count to 10.” Repeated practices strengthen the association between the specific situational cues and intended response.

3. Monitor Yourself

What gets measured gets managed.  According to Psychology Today, monitoring your progress keeps you focused on your goals. Monitoring helps us become experts on our own behavior, and it makes habits less difficult to control and change.

4. The “Why” & “How”

“Why” questions encourage long-term thinking, or desirability of pursuing an action. In contrast,  “How” questions bring the mind down to the present and consider the goal’s attainability.  As the saying goes: The devil is in the details. The Why questions can benefit people to keep maintaining a new habit, such as daily exercise or diet. As Nietzsche remarked, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

5. Remove Temptation

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, 

“training self control through repeated practice does not result in improvements

in self control.” So how do disciplined people exist?

They remove temptation, creating effortless self control.

6. Decision Fatigue

After people have made a number of decisions, no matter how small, they’ve used up their willpower, and their self control is compromised. President Obama wears only blue or grey suits. “I’m trying to pare down decisions,”.  Take an inspiration from this to see what you can do to simplify decision making in the more ordinary aspects of your life.

7. Look after yourself

Sleep well , Drink water ,eat healthy foods and Exercise. Meditate, or at the very least, just relax. There is no easier way to teach yourself control than to start with the most important things that will render noticeable differences in both your body and spirit, almost instantly.

Self control as a force we can tap into to have a more successful life. Achieving goals and success is built on good habits, and good habits are often built on discipline, self control, and the elimination of bad habits. Good intentions are not enough. Sticking to one’s plan is hard work.

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